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Ingredients: Raw material for individual use 100% resin / latex from the Copaifera officinalis tree.

Use: In EU countries, the use of Copaiba is only permitted in aromatherapy. The cosmetic natural plant product Copaiba is a pure resin from the Copaiba tree from the legume family, with bald bushy branches. It grows to a height of 30 m. The leaves are leathery, pinnate, oblong and elliptical, 3 to 5 cm long and 2 cm wide. The inflorescence is rich and narrow, ten to twenty centimeters long. The fruits grow in orange capsules. It occurs in tropical zones of the entire planet. It is moderately resistant to water floods. Wood, fruit and resin (sap) are used. The resin, a wonderful sparkling golden color, can be bottled all year round. Up to 24 liters of resin can be extracted from an adult large tree. In Peruvian medicine, it is used mainly for various skin diseases, including psoriasis and other atopic eczemas, but also for the treatment of stomach, respiratory, menstrual problems and other pain. On the skin these people use a drop 3 times day, for the second treatment these people in general start with 5 drops in water and increase this depending on the treatment and results.

Copaiba Contains:

- about 24 sesquiterpene hydrocarbons
- diterpenes
- resin acids
- essential oils
- Turpentine
- copaferric acid
- caryophyllene
- E-Cuben, Cu-beben, Humulene, E-Humulene, D-Candiene

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