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Shamanic essences are based on the original traditions of the Amazon Indians, their cosmic vision, and the system of healing. These essences of master herbs are made according to the original knowledge of Amazon shamans and mountain Andean Masters. Shamans of Native American tribes have long enjoyed the power of plants and their extracts for their work, and according to ancient cosmic vision, they work with the spirit of sacred plants.

In the original cultures and ethnicities of the Amazon, the alcoholic essences of trees and plants were used by rubbing and spraying, especially for protection and purification during shamanic ceremonies, for cleansing spaces, energy fields, ritual objects, and stones.

Aromatherapy properties are an important component of mind-relaxing essences. Each essence, thanks to its composition and specific aroma, represents a connection to a certain sphere of Native American Cosmovision and sacred places. The essences of quality Peruvian plants are 100% natural and are hand-crafted by hand together with precious stones for charging and harmonization.

Thanks to this ancient Native American wisdom, today we can effectively use the power of plant essences for many activities:

• shamanic rituals

• cleaning the area, stones and objects

• harmonization of consciousness

• release blocks

• delete energy prints of objects

• release from mental stress

• aromatherapy

Have you tried any of our new essences yet? :)

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