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Marco - the right encouragement during mental work and much more

In Peru, it occurs in the muddy surroundings of rivers, but we can also find it in the Andes at altitudes of 2,700 - 3,300 m.n.m. An annual, shrubby plant with an intense aroma. Stems up to 2 meters long are covered with fine hairs, the leaves are oval, up to 10 cm long, the flowers are white or yellowish. In phytotherapy, broths from the aboveground part of the plant are used.

Important ingredients

Essential oils, alkaloids, monosaccharides, benzopyranones, sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene diols, lactones, tetrahydroambrosine, peruvinin, peruvins, psychostachyin B and C and mineral salts.

It has tonic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. It stimulates the psyche and reduces muscle tension. Decoctions of this plant are recommended especially for headaches and migraines, as a tonic to calm the nervous system, for neuralgic problems and for hysteria. It also helps in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, colds and painful periods. Decoction in the form of compresses brings relief from inflammation, rheumatism and muscle cramps. You can find Marco in multiple products o Inca Botanica, in both - herbal mixture as well as extracts.

According to the experience of traditional medicine and contemporary science, it is used in:

  • migraines

  • headache

  • rheumatism

  • inflammation of the joints

  • muscle cramps (also as compresses)

  • neuralgia

  • hysteria

  • cold

  • bronchitis

  • asthma

  • to calm down

  • in support of Parkinson's disease

As an interesting feature:

The Incas used this plant to embalming the bodies of the dead.

It is currently used by shamans as a magic plant.

Steam coming from the decoction and smoke from the burnt plant is an insect repellent.

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